Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We are all part of the vast sea of love.

“Just like a sunbeam can't separate itself from the sun, and a wave can't separate itself from the ocean,
we can't separate ourselves from one another. We are all part of a vast sea of love, one indivisible divine mind.” - Marianne Williamson

Let us become so self aware that we develop the eyes to see our true intentions. It is easy to say " i am doing it because i love him" or "i am in the right because...".  If we stop moving through life on the tail coat of our emotions and rather learn to ride on the wings of our highest selves, which is merely and expression of God/love we will serve all those around us with out even trying. The idea of me and I, will be replaced with we and us. There will no longer be a hidden agenda or a self serving motive. Remember how sneaky your ego can be and how it often masks our seeking of safety as love.

You know when you go to yoga and the teacher tells you to begin consciously breathing and all of sudden you can feel the coolness of the air going down your body, you experience the expansion of your lungs and the oxogen rushing to your blood. Let us try to apply this same awareness to our words and actions. If what you seek in life is joy, love and happiness you cannot separate your life into compartments. Every moment and situation has to be infused with the God/ love that lives within you. It is like every thing in life, the more you practice living in awareness the better you will become at it. Do not wait for your next yoga class to center yourself into the oneness with all, make a choice to do it right now!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Allow Your Practice To Evolve With You.

The yoga community some times lives in such extremes. We have the group of yogis who just want to get in and out of class, one hour, sweat, work hard, no relaxation and definitely no wisdom talk!
Then there is the other extreme, the yogis that just want to float in the clouds, feel good, be blissed out and high (on life) .. God forbid they work too hard or attempt to be grounded.

Isn't the idea of yoga to create balance in our lives. To work every aspect of the mind so that we can open up to new possibilities and potential? There is a beauty in every practice from power yoga, to yin and Kundalini. Some times we need to go fast, work hard and give the body a chance to sweat and the mind a break from thought, releasing through a flow of movement. Other days we need to go deep, slow, being gentle and kind to ourselves, creating a space for deep silence and meditation.

If we find ourselves getting too comfortable in one way of practicing, to the point that we get bent out of shape when the circumstance changes, we need to take a look at our practice. The idea of yoga is not to get high every time or to have a great physical body it is to train the mind to be able to go with the flow, move through life as smooth as possible despite the bumps.

So don't be afraid to switch it up, try a new class or teacher. The point is, life is not always consistent so the more you expose yourself, the greater your tool shed will be. When you reach in to it for help there will be a vastness rather then just one way. It is like the way professional athletes cross train. Yes they have their main sport but they use other elements to strengthen themselves. Let us use different elements to prepare our minds, bodies and souls for our journey through life, saving our practice from dogma or ritual, allowing it to evolve as we grow. Deepening and expanding with time and space.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Start with the Heart!

"A flower that does not blossom has no fragrance. And a human's heart that does not blossom has no God".
- Yogi Bhajan

Every thing starts with the heart. We can try and try to work around it, protect it, avoid it or ignore it but this quote says it all. With out a blossoming open heart you will never find the ecstasy or the joy you seek.

The heart is the first muscle in the body to develop in utero. Everything else in the human body is built around the heart. It is the core and center of our beings. And yet, often the only time we think of using it is when we are in "love" or it is"broken". The rest of our lives are run with the mind. We make decisions with the mind, we plan with the mind, we set goals and visions all with the mind. And time and time again we end up at the same dead end - unhappy and empty. So today we are going to make a new declaration!

As yogis we are on a path to find our TRUTH. My question is, when are you going to find it? Are you going to stay with this practice for 10 years and still be looking? Let me tell you a secret, it's not lost... it's right inside of you living in your heart! It's just a matter of accessing it.

So please let us not call ourselves Seekers any more but rather Knowers of our own truth. Let us blossom our hearts so that we find our Gods within.

If you are not sure how to do this, start with waking up every morning and thanking the Universe for your breath today! Make a commitment to live this day from your heart and see what happens... Do not think about tomorrow, just start with today. Remember we are not seeking we just need to practice going back to our true nature, our hearts.  Once you are truly in your heart all else will melt away, pain, sadness, hurt, anger... You don't need to try to get over anything or forgive anyone, once your in your heart center there is no choice or effort it all just happens.

Please stop living in the waiting room, wake up NOW! You deserve it!

May love and Light shine bright in you today! Sat Nam.